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Housing Bearded Dragons

Bringing Home a True Friend Bearded dragons are cute little creatures that make wonderful pets, so if you have decided to house one at your place, make sure you have all the preparations complete before you bring it home. “Beardies”, as they are fondly referred, have become quite popular as pets recently. They adapt well in families due to their friendly nature especially with the young enthusiasts. Although bearded dragons require extensive housing considerations, you do not need to worry. You can thoroughly enjoy your experience with […]

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Feeding Your Bearded Dragon in the Right Way

Bringing home a pet also brings along a lot of responsibilities and feeding your bearded dragon is a part of it. You need to be familiar with the feeding habits of your newly bought reptile especially when your pet is young and growing. You will be pleased to know that your pet is an omnivore which means that it needs a right balance of animal and plant material. If you don’t take care of what and how you feed your pet, your pet can suffer horribly which […]

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Ways to Care for Bearded Dragons

Managing bearded dragon is really nice causing them to be among the family pet options lately. You could maintain these as is also docile to make fantastic persona. This might be the best explanations why this kind of family pet gets popular within the family pet business specifically on the list of lizard collectors. Nevertheless, manage facial hair might need many abilities and methods. You should know the optimal way to deal with as well as grab the particular bearded mythical beasts without terrifying and also damaging […]

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