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Recommended Cages for the Bearded Dragon

Are you looking to get a cage for the bearded dragon of yours? Read on… You have gone to your pet shop and decided that you want to buy a bearded dragon. Next in line is to get a home for it. Cages are one of the ways to house your pet. You can go for an aquarium that has a tight fitting rid. A 10-15 gallon aquarium would be enough for new hatchlings while adults will occupy 55-60 gallon aquarium. If you go for a wire […]

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Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded Dragons are native to central Australia and are basically desert-dwelling lizards. Their colour varies from a dull brown or gray to straw/yellow to fiery orange-red. Bearded dragons are a very popular pet. They are extremely adaptable to different habitats, and may be found in woodland, scrubland, and grasslands. Why should I consider getting a bearded dragon as a pet? Bearded Dragons are a fantastic choice for first time reptile owners, especially for families with young kids that are searching for a reptilian family member. Beardies are […]

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Man’s New Best Friend – Iguanas

Dogs are man’s best friend. That’s what we usually hear. But would you believe if I tell you that iguanas can be your best friend, too? Sure, we’ve heard a lot of stories about people treating dogs, cats, birds, and fishes as best friends. But how many would want large reptiles like snakes and lizards as best friends? If you’re an ordinary pet owner, you might take a rain check on taking care of an iguana. But you’ll never know the joy being felt by those who […]

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